Christian Home Bible Course Worksheet 3


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 1. Name one advantage that a 'cashless' society would have?
_ _

 2. What is the BIBLE expression for the coming one world ruler?
_ _

 3. What former Secretary General of N.A.T.O. indicated that the world needs one leader 'be he God or Devil'?
_ _

 4. What does the Greek word 'odin' mean?
_ _

 5. What is the Battle of Armageddon?
_ _

 6. Whose time period did Jesus compare the last days to? (Matthew 24:37-39)
_ _

 7. What does "itching ears" mean? (II Timothy 4:3)
_ _

 8. What is the number one killer of men today?
_ _

 9. What does the BIBLE mean when it says that in the end times many shall run "to and fro"?
_ _

10. What French mountain climber apparently came across Noah's Ark at a time when it wasn't totally entombed in ice?
_ _

11. Between 1962 and 1993 the number of violent crimes increased by %.

12. What is another word for virulent or virus?
_ _

13. How many years of peace have there been since 1945?

14. Which book of the BIBLE is best known for describing the end times?
_ _

15. Portions of the BIBLE read like "today's ".

16. What place will be the site of the world's final earthquake?
_ _

17. How many descriptive expressions does the BIBLE use to describe the last days in II Timothy 3:1-5?
_ _

18. What man indicated that the whole world must be unified in order to prevent a second Noah's Ark?
_ _

19. What three elements make up what many are calling the 'New World Order'?
_ _ A.
_ _ B.
_ _ C.

20. Where will people receive a "mark" in order to buy or sell according to Revelation 13:16-17?
_ _

21. Of whom are the Jews still awaiting the arrival?
_ _

22. How many countries make up the EEC as of June 1995?

23. How many earthquakes occurred within an 11-month period in 1983-84?

24. What 3 digit number do we already find incorporated into most UPC symbols?

25. What will enable the whole world to be able to view two dead preachers in Jerusalem simultaneously?
_ _

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